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CIODAY2017 – The Big HOW

The new alliance of powers in economics, technology and society (ETS) is turning the world upside down. Organisations, sectors and even entire nations are influenced from the bottom up due to the democratisation of media and technology. The pyramids of old are making way for more organic forms of interaction. Economic models do not work any longer, as they are based on a (simplified) reality that no longer exists. What the effects of the disruptive forces will be is anybody’s guess.

The question is no longer why organisations have to change or transform, for this is obvious in the field of forces dominated by ‘digital, data and disruption’. What has to happen is also clear. All that matters now is how. What needs to be achieved is flexibility, scalability, self-organisation, and operating in ecosystems. Leaders have to stretch their roles, as technology is everywhere. CIOs are moving towards business and management, in which technology is a means to enhance efficiency no longer but a way to tap into new products, services and target groups.

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Inge Knapen & Roy Budjhawan at CIO VIP Dinner

Inge Knapen, Deputy General Manager and Operations Director of Close the Gap and Roy Budjhawan, Head of Micro Finance of ING talk about their combined efforts with Close the Gap for people in developing countries.

You can watch the VIP Diner keynote here.

Marcel Krom: Opening & Welcome CIODAY 2017

The relationship between suppliers and customers needs to change: think of the (moral) duty of providing good care and dealing with new services that do not fit in old contracts. How to give guarantees on intended results? How to manage the co-operation and liability with small parties. More and more parties are in addition to supplier of ICT also customer and vice versa. How do we deal with this? That is the question.

Watch the Opening by Marcel Krom right here.

CEO Panel

The world as we know it, is quickly falling apart. Organisations are facing change or even disruption.

Customers and young technology talent are less loyal, more demanding and increasingly assertive. To top it off, there’s a growing (information) chain-dependence.

What new kind of structures do we need to address all this? Is hierarchy really obsolete? Is technology the answer to everything? And what’s the role of the CIO in these new dynamics? Do organisations need a new type of IT leader (Chief Digital Officer/Chief Technology Officer)? And perhaps the most important question: is the board, from CEO to COO and CFO, ready to face the tech driven disruption?

You can watch the CEO Panel here.

Camilla van den Boom: All that matters is HOW

Traditional economic models do not work any longer, as they are based on a simplified reality that no longer exists. The question is no longer why organisations have to change or transform. All that matters now is HOW. Camilla will share with us her distinct thoughts on the new reality.

Watch the Keynote from Camilla van den Boom here.

Techonomy Heroes: Lightyear, Fizyr and Picnic

Camilla will introduce several Techonomy-heroes who will present their case on how they were able to make innovative new discoveries and products through the means of technology

Techonomy Case Lightyear
Lex Hoefsloot, CEO – Lightyear

Techonomy Case Picnic
Joris Beckers, Co-Founder – Picnic

Techonomy Case FIZYR (Delft Robotics)
Laurens van Wijk, CIO – FIZYR (Delft Robotics)

You can watch their keynotes here.

Bouke Hoving, CIO of the Year 2017

AMSTERDAM, 22 November – Bouke Hoving, CIO of KPN, is the winner of the CIO of the Year Award 2017. He believes his win is due to the transformation of KPN into a customer-driven organisation with an integrated and user-friendly range of products and services. “He really made the difference for his company,” motivated jury chairman Bernhard van Oranje.

The winner scored high on all parts of the selection process. Both within the qualitative and quantitative research by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the intensive leadership assessment of Linqhu, and the final jury discussion, he belonged to the best. Within the Dutch CIO community, he also counts as a valued and accessible inspirer. “With Bouke Hoving, We have chosen a leader who can put his vision into words and does everything he can to help his organization move forward. He has proven that aswell, “says Van Oranje.

The announcement took place on november 21st during CIODAY2017 in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage. More than 750 high-level IT officers witnessed this. Nominated for the CIO of the Year Award 2017 were: Arthur Govaert (Radboudumc), Bouke Hoving (KPN), Jaco van Goudswaard (Kadaster), Leo Brand (Vopak), Olli Hyyppä (NXP) and Ton van Rhijn (CZ).

Read the full press release here

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