CIO of the Year Nominees 2017

Winners for life

The jury indicated they were looking for a technology leader who achieved flexibility, scalability, self-organisation, and operating in ecosystems. “Leaders have to stretch their roles, as technology is everywhere.” says Rob Beijleveld, CEO of ICT Media and the initiator of the CIO of the Year Award.

“CIOs are moving towards business and management, in which technology is a means to enhance efficiency no longer but a way to tap into new products, services and target groups.”

The following CIOs passed the Jury’ bar and made it on the shortlist: Arthur Govaert (Radboud UMC), Bouke Hoving (KPN), Leo Brand (Vopak), Olli Hyyppä (NXP), Ton van Rhijn (CZ) and Jaco van Goudswaard (Kadaster).

In the coming weeks we will inform you who these CIOs are and why they might deserve the CIO of the Year Award 2017. Read more about the selection process and criteria.

Arthur Govaert

CIO - RadboudUMC

The Radboudumc in Nijmegen is recognized as one of Europe’s most digitalized hospitals. IT has become a crucial part of the primary process. The challenge of CIO Arthur Govaert is to implement the wave of digital innovations in an environment that is based on traditional processes. In addition, there is an IT environment that still has a lot of legacy that is being modernized and must be kept running. “A dynamic process at which we are very successful at.”

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Bouke Hoving


The originally strong product driven KPN has made the transition to a customer-driven organisation. It recognized that the consumer wants to operate KPN’ services effortlessly. It needed an attractive package with KPN services that would be complemented with services from other parties. According to CIO Bouke Hoving, the product package at the end of 2013 was an incoherent whole. “By now, the product offering is an integrated bundle with excellent omnichannel customer experience.”

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Jaco van Goudswaard

CIO, Kadaster

Kadaster wants to, as a Independent Administrative Body, to serve the Netherlands well and efficiently, and at the lowest possible cost. That’s why Kadaster is fully anticipation the wave of digital possibilities and changes. Jaco van Goudswaard, CIO of Kadaster has the passion, drive and energy to help the organisation to find its way in the world of drones, sensors, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other potential disruptors. “There’s a lot coming our way, we have to be ready. Agile, fast and scalable.“

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Leo Brand

CIO - Vopak

Royal Vopak has continuously been able to adapt to changing circumstances for over 400 years. CIO Leo Brand takes shape of today’s digital transformation that determines the future of both the business and the sector. Sensors, robotics, IoT and machine learning help the terminals being safer and more efficient. The first breakthroughs have been realized. “Management of change is the biggest challenge, because you need to get people going. The technology will do its job.“

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Olli Hyyppä


Chip manufacturer NXP has been busy in recent years with the large-scale Freescale merger. In addition, it was decided to sell the Standard Products business unit, now Nexperia. The IT organization played a key role in the simultaneous integration and division. “Through proper preparation, focus on people, and knowledge of processes and systems, we have managed to bring it to a good end,” says CIO Olli Hyyppä. “This proved our strategic value for the company.”

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Ton van Rhijn


Healthcare insurance provider CZ has been transformed into a modern service provider since the liberalization in 2006. Offering a wide choice of care and optimal customer experience at the lowest possible rate. The digital transformation also includes changes to culture and governance in addition to technology. “We are doing things that are good for the company and, at the same time, make technological improvements,” says CIO Ton van Rhijn.

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